Art, preciousness & beloved tinkling box.
How do I find my own sound? With joy.
Delight is the energy from which everything grows.

The piano offers stylistic variety, richness of sound and colour as well as poetic depth. The selection of music ranges from classical to modern.

In piano lessons, I work with you on music from the classical, jazz and pop genres. In this way, an individual repertoire of performable pieces is created.

Learning the basics corresponds to the classical way: playing technique, the training of artistic skills and the inner musical imagination are in the foreground here. Furthermore, the focus is on efficient practising as well as targeted training for auditions.

The piano lessons are very much inspired by my training as a stage actress. Because what the stage is all about – simply put, telling a story – is one of the central themes in the area of musical composition and interpretation.

The aim is to gain a confidence in playing that allows free music-making and creation.